Advanced statements and your rights

An Advanced Statement is a legal document which can help you have control in times of crisis. These work slightly differently between Glasgow and Melbourne.

In Glasgow

For people living in Scotland there are some videos on the Mental Welfare Commission website which explain why it is worth taking the time to put an Advanced Statement together. Click here to watch the videos.

This video from SAMH explains more about Advance Statements and the provision to have a ‘named person.’ Click here to watch the video

In Melbourne

In Melbourne Victoria State Government oversee the Advance Statements. Click here to  read more about them on their website.

This short film explains how to create an Advance Statement. Click here to watch the film.

NorthWestern Mental Health have produced a short film designed to raise awareness of people’s rights and responsibilities, both in relation to using mental health services and the Mental Health Act. Click here to watch the film.