Resource bank

This is where people using the EMPOWER App can find additional resources which have been suggested in EMPOWER Messages. These messages have been featured here rather than on your App because they include links to content which is specific to the two different places where people will be using the App, Glasgow and Melbourne.

Select the message theme below to find information which is specific to your location.

Advanced statements and your rights

An Advanced Statement is a legal document which can help you have control in times of crisis. These work slightly differently between Glasgow and Melbourne.

Walking groups

Being more active can be easier when joined by others. Have you heard of any walking groups in your local area? You can find more information on walking groups in Glasgow and Melbourne here.

Financial Advice

Many people struggle with financial issues at some point in their lives. Help and advice are available for people living in Glasgow and Melbourne.

Creative Mental Health

Are you interested in hearing different perspectives on mental health through the arts and film in your area?

Advocacy services

Independent advocacy is a way to help people have a stronger voice and to have as much control as possible over their own lives. Independent Advocacy organisations are separate from organisations that provide other types of services. In Scotland you can read more about what Advocacy services do and where they are located through the … Continue reading Advocacy services