Academic papers published from the EMPOWER project

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Bradstreet, S., Allan, S., & Gumley, A. (2019). Adverse event monitoring in mHealth for psychosis interventions provides an important opportunity for learning. Abstract here

Allan, S., Mcleod, H., Bradstreet, S., Beedie, S., Moir, B., Gleeson, J., Farhall, J., Morton, E., & Gumley (2019). Understanding implementation of a digital self-monitoring intervention for relapse prevention in psychosis: Protocol for a mixed method process evaluation.

Allan, S., Bradstreet, S., McLeod, H. J., Gleeson, J., Farhall, J., Lambrou, M., Clark, A., & Gumley, A. I., (2020). Perspectives of patients, carers and mental health staff on early warning signs of relapse in psychosis: a qualitative investigation.

Gumley, A.I. et al. (2020). Early signs Monitoring to Prevent relapse in psychosis and prOmote Wellbeing, Engagement and Recovery (EMPOWER): A feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial harnessing smartphone technology blended with peer support.