'Harnessing Digital for self-management and recovery in psychosis' Event Presentations (2017)

You can access the presentations form our EMPOWER event ‘Harnessing Digital for self-management and recovery in psychosis’ from here.

This event was held in March 2017 at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.

Main room presentations

Andrew Gumley’s introduction to the day and the study

Simon Bradstreet introduces some of the functions of the App and wider evidence

Stephanie Allan on a grounded theory of implementation for EMPOWER

Colin McKay with a policy perspective on self-management, supported decision making and anticipatory care planning

Marketplace session presentation

Ivano Mazzoncini and Suzy Clark ponder ‘Digital empowerment? Opportunities and challenges’ from a service provider perspective

Workshop presentations

Andrew Gumley on early warning signs monitoring and fear of relapse

Andrea Clark and Stephanie Allan on EMPOWER messages

Anne Joice and Sean Harper on psychosocial interventions for psychosis